Health Care

Horton & Associates provides design services for the Healthcare industry, whether we drop-ship or install. All pricing at national account levels. We welcome buy contracts with ownership and management organizations, as well as individual facilities. We Can Quote/ Service and Install the following:

  • Hospital-grade LED televisions for patient rooms, as well as Commercial-grade LEDs for common areas or staff rooms
  • Interactive Systems for patients and staff. Education, Entertainment, Verifiable Results
  • LG 22″, 28″, 32″, and 42″ LCD’s designed for Healthcare Providers. Click for more info
  • PDi healthcare-grade televisions, from 14” to 42”. Available with Android quad-coare operating system. Click for more info
  • PDi hospital-grade DVD units. Both stand-alone and available for their modular LEDs. Click for more info
  • Videotel healthcare-grade DVD players click for more info
  • Pillow speakers from Curbell and Anacom Medtek