DirecTV is a very cost-effective and flexible way of delivering television signal to your facility. H&A can design a system to suit your particular needs and budget. DirecTV can be organized in several ways:

1. COM3000, High Definition Digital Headend

DirecTV’s next-gen fully digital headend system. Supporting 4K broadcast, this is the latest industry standard for HD digital channels. Utilizes up to 6 hot-swap “blade” receivers per chassis that can display up to a total of 138 HD channels, taking up only three (3) rack units of space. Additional chassis can be tied together, with no upper limit to number of channels. Remote management/ troubleshooting via the required DirecTV VPN Cloud access system. Pro:Idiom compatibility, for FCC-Mandated encryption of distributed HD programming. This system can blend into your existing SD analog system, adding digital channels. Entire headend system can be built into a 4’ tall rack, and exhibits very low power consumption and heat output.

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2. Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV)

This configuration is the easiest to maintain, offers flexibility for adding in-house channels, and greatest control over what content is delivered to the facility. Consists of: Satellite dish on roof, 22″x74″ or 84″ rack. One DTV receiver per channel, multiswitches and channelized modulators. Typically between 24 – 28 channels can fit into one rack. Additional racks can be tied together.

3. DirecTV Residential Experience (DRE)

This product offers the resident or guest controlled access to all channels within your purchased channel packages. Allows the facility to co-brand with their logos on the interactive channel guide, as well as add local content to the channel lineup. Central control interface for staff to reset receivers, send custom messages to individual or groups of rooms, and control which TVs see specific programming. Simplified remote with an anti-microbial finish. Available DVR functionality with the ability of staff to wipe all recordings after guest has checked out. Pro:Idiom television not required as the receiver is at each TV.

  • With DirecTV Residential Experience, you will receive:
  • Access to over 100 HD channels
  • HD Interactive Programming Guide
  • HD receivers
  • Hospitality RC70H antimicrobial remotes
  • Local Content Insertion (LCI)
  • Browser-based Management Control System features
  • Guest Message Display, individual or groups
  • Channel favorites list
  • Co-branded interactive programming guide
  • Remote Default Reset Parental controls
  • Property Management System (PMS) integration
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4. Direct to TV

This is well-suited to a waiting room or Staff lounge. All channels within the purchased channel packages available for viewing. High-Definition available. Consists of: Satellite dish on roof, DTV receiver attached to TV, or hidden in nearby cabinetry.