PDF Information:
P14w data sheet

Healthcare 14" Swing-arm mounted wide-screen LCD
Coax cable carries power and signal for clean installation
Can be individually or centrally powered (up to 10 per PS)
Digital-ready ATSC/ NTSC/ QAM tuners built-in
Multiple mounting options:
Swing-arm; Ceiling; Wall; Chair and Floor

• Swingarm: PDi-508C-7 (56” reach) or PDi-405C-7 (66” reach)
• Wall bracket: PDi-179c (used with central power supply)
• Wall bracket/ power supply: PDi-771CA
• Individual power supply: PDi-750A
• Central power supply: PDi-772HE, for up to ten (10) LCDs
• Programming remote: PD108-420
• Patient remote: PD108-421 (no menu functions)