PDF Information:
P14w data sheet
P19TV data sheet

Healthcare-grade 14″ & 19” low-voltage televisions. Can be deployed via Swingarm or wall mounted as a standard television.

A single coax cable carries power and signal for clean installation.

A power supply is required. This can be individually or centrally powered (up to 10 per Power Supply).
Digital ATSC/ NTSC/ clear QAM tuners built-in.

Pro:Idiom HD decryption compliant.

Multiple mounting options:
Swingarm; Ceiling; Wall; Chair and Floor mounts

Available Colors:
(B) Black/ (G) Starlight Gray/ (C) Cream

Many cable configurations available:
Coax, HDMI, VGA, DVI, CAT6, custom specifications

• Spring-based Swingarm for 14”: PDi-AA507 (56” reach) or PDi-AA407 (66” reach)
• Gas Piston-based Swingarm for 14”: PDi-AA1007 (71.5” reach), requires clevis-style wall bracket.
• Spring-based Swingarm for 19”: PDi-AA513 (56” reach) or PDi-AA413 (66” reach)
• Gas Piston-based Swingarm for 19”: PDi-AA1013 (71.5” reach), requires clevis-style wall bracket.
• Wall bracket: PDi-179c (used with central power supply)
• Wall bracket/ power supply: PDi-771CA
• Wall bracket/ power supply, fully enclosed: PDi-771B
• Wall bracket/ power supply, slimline, enclosed: PDi-871A
• Individual power supply: PDi-750A
• Central power supply: PDi-772HE, for up to ten (10) TVs
• Central power supply, individual inputs: PDi-772HE-IND, for up to ten (10) TVs with DirecTV-PDi Interface
• DirecTV-PDi Interface: PD295-001, for TV to control a single DirecTV receiver (H25, HR24, others)
• Programming remote: PD108-420
• Patient remote: PD108-421 (no menu functions)