LG Healthcare Televisions


LV570m Healthcare series

LV760m Healthcare series

UV770m Healthcare series



Programming the SMART LX770M

Pro-Centric Flyer

UL 6500 Hospital-grade widescreen LCDs

HDTV with HD-PPV capability

Built-in embedded applications platform Interactive system capability: Sonifi/ Getwell/ Skylight and others

Built-in MPI port

Built-in pillow speaker port

Pro:Centric capable for interactive content and central/ remote management of TV configurations USB cloning/ control

Variable Power Saving Modes/ EnergyStarNTSC, Clear QAM and Digital ATSC tuners

MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 H.264 decoding

LX570M Healthcare series

LX770M SMART Healthcare series

Two year limited warranty

Information on programming HealthCare televisions: please click link – programming the TV

We also have available programming ‘cheat sheets’ for previous models, please contact H&A

Nurse Call plug pin-out information, please click link – Nurse Call Pinout