Brightsign media players

HortonTV will demystify the many choices and features of media players. From simple stand-alone displays to enterprise-level networked, centrally controlled solutions.

Free BrightAuthor software to coordinate your content and message to one or hundreds of displays.

All products fully warrantied for use in commercial environments.

Commercial-grade BrightSign players. Many models are available, we are showing the most popular, contact us with your project scope.

LS423, $250 List

HD223, $350 List

HO523, $400 List, OPS unit

HD1023, $450 List

XD233, $450 List

XD1033, $550 List

XT243, $550 List

XT1143, $650 List

Accessories available, like USB button panels for interaction, Wi-Fi modules, and specially selected SD cards for high volume read-write operation, that these media players require.