Commercial Televisions/Monitors for Signage

HortonTV offers many solutions for engaging, educating, and entertaining in Conference Rooms, Training Rooms, Staff Lounges and Common Areas. From interactive lecterns controlling projectors and PA systems, to Digital Signage. All products fully warrantied for use in commercial environments.


Entry-Level Digital Signage

LG’s SuperSign models are designed for ease of use. Edit an existing template (dozens available) or create your own. Displays your images and text along with live TV. Sizes to 55”

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Standard Commercial TVs

LG’s Commercial-grade models are available in both Pro:Idiom capable, and non-Pro:Idiom (known as Commercial Lite). They all come with a remote control and a simple table stand. Many sizes available.

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Click here for 65” HD LEDs


Ultra-High Definition 4K Televisions

UHD televisions have four times the resolution as a standard Full HD screen, for displaying your 4K content accurately and for extended runtimes.

Click here for UHD 4K LED(link to UV340c spec)

Click here for UHD 4K 75” LED


4K Monitors

Commercial-grade LED monitors (no TV tuner), up to 98”. There are dozens of models available, contact us with your requirements.

Click here for 4K Smart 1” thick monitors

Click here for UHD 75” & 86” Smart LEDs

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Touchscreen Monitors

Interactive touchscreen monitors, with WebOS interactive, and built-in Wi-Fi for training/ conferencing/ collaborations

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Transparent Monitor

Ultra-thin overlay 49” monitor, for display cases.

Touchscreen overlays for existing LG monitors, in sizes from 32” to 65”.

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Media Players

BrightSign media players, with networking ability

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Videotel media players, with interactive buttons

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