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LG Electronics has introduced two
new services, to give your facility maximum advantage in both procuring
equipment and ensuring value for your investment.The new SERVICE ADVANTAGE PROGRAM
is available to extend the warranty of your LG products at time of
purchase or later down the road. Different plans are offered to give you
the service level that best fits your facility. Please see the
following link for further information. Horton & Associates, Inc. will answer any and all questions you may have.  Service Advantage WebsiteLG FINANCING ADVANTAGE is now offered to allow you to purchase equipment/ services and installation from Horton & Associates, Inc. and keep it all within your fiscal budget. Horton & Associates, Inc. will help you choose from the different options to suit your requirements.  Financing Advantage Website

  • UL 6500 Hospital-grade widescreen LCDs
  • HDTV with HD-PPV capability
  • HD Video On Demand PPV encryption and
  • Interactive system capability
  • Built-in pillow speaker port
  • Pro: Centric capable for interactive content and central management.
  • NEW: USB cloning
  • NTSC, Clear QAM and Digital-ready ATSC tuners
  • LV570M series in sizes ranging from 22″, 28″, 32″, 43″ and 55″
  • Two year limited warranty

Information on programming: please click link –programming the TV

We also have available programming ‘cheat sheets’ for previous models, please contact H&A

Nurse Call plug pin-out information, please click link –Nurse Call Pinout

Many other items available, please contact H&A for more information!