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VerbalCare Interactive Platform

VerbalCare is a cloud-based, HIPPA compliant platform that connects patients and their care teams. We believe that care begins with the patient and that quality care starts with better communication.

VerbalCare is installed at the patient room on either a PDi E-Series television (24”, 29”, 32” & 42”) with the Android module, or a PDi low-voltage swingarm television. The PDi P14T is an Android-based touchscreen device with a quad-core processor for enhanced patient experience.


Patient Engagement

VerbalCare makes "engagement" accessible for all. Using VerbalCare at their bedside, patients are able to meaningfully engage in their care. Regardless of language or physical abilities, patients can communicate their needs with efficiency and accuracy.


Care Coordination

With better communication coming from the patient, care-teams are able to coordinate care more efficiently. Nurses can anticipate a patient’s need prior to arriving at the room and connect with a patient even when they do not share the same language.


Real-Time Analytics

All interactions are captured and analyzed in real-time to empower administrators and care-teams. VerbalCare provides actionable insight into the patient care experience.


Patient Safety

Now more than ever hospitals not only need to follow proper procedures and make patient safety a priority; they need to educate and empower patients to carry out safety precautions on their own. This platform is a powerful tool in your facilities’ multi-layered approach.


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