Videotel DVD units and media players

HortonTV offers expertise in the usage and deployment of Videotel’s Industrial-grade medial players. Whether DVD, or digital media locally flash-drive sourced or networked.

All products fully warrantied for use in commercial environments.

Healthcare-grade DVD units, UL listed for use within patient rooms, can be mounted vertically, slot-load players.

Note: some DVD units cannot play copyrighted discs, please contact us to discover which units will suit your needs.

All media players are auto-start, auto-repeat, and some models can offer scheduling content.

Accessories to start playback allow for unique display solutions, and can be activated by pressing a button, lifting an item or just walking through a specified zone.

VP70, $298 List
VP70XD, $298 List
VP71, $336 List
VP71XD, $348 List
HD 2700D, medical, $348 List
HD 2700M, $482.00 List